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There are two ways to book a tour. One way is to search by destination, find a tour you like and then click on a time to book. The second is through our tour calendar which shows all upcoming tours in chronological order. You can find the tour calendar here
To find your upcoming trips from our home page please follow these steps:
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on the menu in a circle at the top right corner
  • Click "My Trips"
Absolutely! We encourage you to share the experience with your friends and family wherever they are in the world. Once you’ve booked onto a tour there is a “Share now” button for you to send the link to family and friends.
Our content creators are aware that we cater to a wide audience so it's fine for kids to join. The only tours that may not be appropriate for a younger audience are any of the ‘ghost’ or ‘horror’ themed tours.
You can find and join any of your upcoming trips from your My Trips page or with the following steps from our Home Page
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on the menu in a circle at the top right corner
  • Click "My Trips"
  • Click into the tour and press "Join now"
To cancel a tour please follow these steps:
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on the menu in a circle at the top right corner
  • Click "My Trips"
  • Click on the tour you wish to cancel
  • Click the “Cancel” button at the bottom of the page
Our tours are completely free but tips are encouraged if you enjoyed the experience! You can read more about tipping here.
We’re so happy that you want to be a part of our growing content creator network! To register interest, please fill out our “Host a tour” form here
So happy to hear that you’ve been enjoying our tours! A content creator contact feature is in the works but in the meantime feel free to reach out to
and we’ll get you connected.
To keep the experience social and personal, we cap the number of bookings on a tour. There will be opportunities to book onto the same tour again in the future as the content creators run them on a frequent basis so please check back here for updated times!
We do not currently offer private tours but we are working on doing so! Many of our users enjoy going on tours together so we encourage groups to choose a tour that everyone can join. Some creative ways our users have used to make a tour feel private is by chatting to their group separately over Zoom or Whatsapp.
If you would like to join our list to be notified of private tour events, please fill in the form here. In the meantime you can access all our upcoming public tours here
We don't have recordings of our tours as they are meant to be enjoyed live, with each event being a unique experience. The same routes are repeated so you can always join the next tour!
You can access all our upcoming tours here
After each tour you should have received an email prompting you to review your experience - it might have gone to junk mail so please make sure to check there too!
You can also submit a review from your profile with the following steps:
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on the menu in a circle at the top right corner
  • Click "My Trips"
  • Scroll down to “Previous Trips” and click on the tour you wish to review
  • Click the “Leave review” button
Yes - our live-streamed tours allow people from around the world to connect and interact with locals in a meaningful way and this will certainly continue after lockdowns have lifted!


On a tour you first have to close the chat bar by clicking the arrow button to the left of the chat box. Then, hover over the camera icon on the right side of the screen and click it when you find your shot! The photo is taken instantaneously and will be stored in your postcards library.
You can access your postcards by following these steps:
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on the menu in a circle at the top right corner
  • Click "Postcards"
Once logged in you can view your postcards here, send them to friends (and delete the blurry ones) from that page.
Once in your postcards library, click the arrow under the postcard you want to share and it will give you the option to share via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or you can simply copy and share the link.
Yes - Click on the postcard you want to delete (to expand it). The delete button will then be in the bottom left-hand corner.
No - The postcards will be stored on the Heygo database and will not take up storage space on your device.
As long as your account is active with us you will be able to view all your postcards.
You can view them, send them to friends (and delete the blurry ones) from your postcards page.
During a tour, you are able to leave a tip directly on the web page, either via PayPal or credit/debit card. All payments are processed securely and we don’t store any sensitive credit card data on our servers.
There is no set tip amount so we encourage you to tip what you are comfortable with! You can check out how the tips are allocated below.
The majority of the tips go to our content creators, and the remaining is put towards covering the streaming and transaction costs, growing the number of tours we offer and improving the user experience.


Our tours are best enjoyed on Google Chrome, but they are also supported on the latest versions of Microsoft Edge and Safari. Please note that our tours are not compatible with Firefox.
Our tours are best enjoyed on computers or tablets, but may also work on mobile devices. Please note the browser requirements as described above.
No need to download anything! Our tours can be enjoyed right from your browser, please note the browser requirements as described above.
If your tour is not loading please try the following steps to troubleshoot:
  • 1.
    Refresh the page
  • 2.
    Switch to Chrome if you aren't already using it (Latest Safari and Microsoft Edge also works)
  • 3.
    Close any other applications/apps that are open (or restart your device)
  • 4.
    Restart your router
  • 5.
    Try switching to a difference device to watch
Yes - you can join the tour via your browser on a computer and then cast it onto your TV using Google Chrome or connect via an HDMI cable.
Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble! Please email our support team at:
and we’ll try to resolve the issue as soon as possible for you.

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