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You never know what the tide will bring in.


Emily has lived in San Diego over ten years and has taken full advantage of what the city has to offer. From surfing, to kayaking, boating, paddleboarding, yoga and triathlons, freediving and snorkeling, and even an attempt at her husband’s passion for nighttime spiny lobster diving, she has seen and experienced much of the 70 miles of coastline from land and sea. Her extensive experience with many forms of outdoor sports combined with her knowledge of marine life offer a fresh perspective on Southern California living. Emily’s overwhelming love for the southern beach city has fueled a passion for discovering all of the hidden treasures of the large county. You will see many gems only an experienced local can point out on her tours. From unobstructed beaches and ocean views, to a rich maritime history and a fusion of culture and cuisine, her tours will give you the real perspective of a local surfer, food and wine lover, and outdoor adventurer. She can’t wait to continue to guide you on many epic adventures on the coast and beyond!