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Denise and Waverly Winchester are the Mom and Kid Team behind KidsnewsNYC. Waverly dreamed this idea up when she was just 7 years old so that kids would have an actual voice in reporting about people, places and things that are of interest to the kids themselves. It started with the question, "Mom, why is it always the MOMS doing the blogging and the reviews? Don't kids get to have a say in it? Can you make me a website so I can do it?" So, wanting Waverly to know that with enough hard work and determination, an idea can become reality, and without knowing the first thing about blogging, websites, who to connect with, etc., they got to work and created it, much to their own surprise. Four years later, they have grown far beyond our wildest dreams, covering countless events, Broadway shows, KidTerviewing movie and musical stars.... Denise and Waverly are THRILLED to become Virtual Guides so they can show families many of the wonderful experiences kids in NYC are lucky enough to have right outside their apartment buildings! They of course hope you visit NYC in person as soon as you can, but until then, please enjoy it alongside us on one of our tours!