Heygo Community Guidelines

Our mission at Heygo is to create a world where everyone can explore new places and meet new people, from anywhere. We all want to connect with others and with so many forces driving the world apart, we want to be a force that brings the world closer together. That being said, the Heygo community is only what we make of it together, and can only exist if we operate by a shared set of values and guidelines. Below are the guidelines that apply to everyone across the different Heygo platforms.

1- Do not threaten, harass, or bully

Heygo is a place for creating community and belonging. Everyone has a right to use Heygo free of harassment, bullying, and threats. We define this behavior as anything that works to shut someone out of the conversation through intimidation or abuse, online or off. This includes name calling, offensive language, etc.

Being annoying or disagreeing with someone, even strongly, is not harassment. However, menacing someone, directing abuse at a person or group, encouraging others to do any of these actions, or otherwise behaving in a way that would discourage a reasonable person from participating on Heygo crosses the line.

2- Do not spam on Heygo platforms

We define spam as repeated, unwanted, and/or unsolicited actions, whether automated or manual, that negatively affect Heygo users, Heygo communities, and/or Heygo itself.

The following are examples of behavior that may be considered spam:

  • Sending large amounts of unsolicited messages to users who are not expecting them
  • Repeatedly posting the same or similar unwanted comments on an in-tour chat or across Heygo community platforms
  • Repeatedly posting unrelated/off-topic comments/content

These guidelines will be monitored by the Heygo admins. We ask that you follow not just the letter of these guidelines, but the spirit as well. Users who disregard the community guidelines will first be given a warning for a chance to change their behavior - and if they fail to respond their account will be temporarily banned on Heygo until further review.

Guide-Specific Policies

Locations, Times, and Topics

Every guide is welcome to schedule and host tours anytime, anywhere, on any reasonable topic as long as it adheres to Community Guidelines.


Any type of public or private shaming of a guide based on when they schedule and how they present their tours, whether done during a tour, in a review, any space managed by Heygo, including the Heygo Voyagers Facebook Group, or privately - will not be tolerated and is a violation of our terms of service subject to disciplinary action.

Profanity and Sensitive Content

To ensure the right expectations are set for audiences prior to joining your tour, disclaimers may be applied to tours or channel to address the use of profanity, content that involves animals and/or minors, and other potential sensitive areas.