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Join me on our Organic Farm in Vermont


Despite her New York City upbringing, Amy is a country girl at heart. She's been gardening organically for over 35 years, and is a nationally recognized green living and wellness expert. What that means for tour guests (this is her 4th year doing in person tours) is that they get an inspiring, informative, and fun workshop-style tour on her commercial organic farm in the beautiful green mountain state of Vermont. Find out a little history of this farm, and her farmer/life partner, Dave. Virtually walk through the fields and learn about what's growing and how it's produced in harmony with the earth (sustainably) and why that's so important. Discover what kinds of healing properties certain medicinal herbs and flowers have. What's hydroponic and why is it the farming of the future? Meet our horses, Koko and Amigo. Find out how maple syrup got discovered, and how this 5th generation sugarmaker produces that golden sweet and nutritious syrup.