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Welcome to a community of people who love learning, exploring and seeing the world

Our story

Heygo started as a way for co-founders John and Liam to keep exploring new places. As avid travellers themselves, they wanted to help people stay connected with the world and for those in the travel industry to continue doing what they love.

They believe that travel is an incredibly important way to break down cultural barriers and understand the world through other people’s eyes. They also recognize it is often a privilege reserved for the few. For many people, hopping on a plane half-way around the world is out of reach and comes with serious consequences for our planet’s health.

John and Liam realised that there needed to be a way to embrace the culture of other countries in an environmentally conscious way; to still travel when family obligations makes it difficult to get away; and to keep exploring even when an injury or disability means travelling is harder.

So that’s why they created Heygo - a travel specific live-streaming platform. One that would allow local guides to share the places they know best with the hope that it can bring people around the world closer together.

Our community

A few months into their journey, and the Heygo team has been overwhelmed by the positive feedback that travellers have shared about the tours and the growing community spirit.

It’s been incredible to see people from places like Wisconsin, Delhi or New Zealand come together for a shared experience. One where they can connect with family, friends and even total strangers across timezones, borders and socio-economic backgrounds.

The team has also been swept away by the energy and enthusiasm of every guide they’ve worked with. Their commitment, unique perspectives and fun personalities have made each tour a special experience.




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